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I'm using an AU 719 amp for about 20 years. Last month my volume pot gives me trouble. At low volume's, when turning the pot -48 dB to infinite, the right channel will go down in volume. I found out that the pot's resistance track is damaged.

It is a special pot with 4 solder tags (leads) 3 for the volume control and 1 extra tag for the Loudness control. ALPS (from Japan) made those pot's in the early days, specially for Sansui.

Question 1:

Does any one know where I can find or buy such an volume pot ?

Question 2:

Does any one have an idea of solving the problem or has any one had the same problem before ?

Brand : ALPS

Type : 061B-150kE x2 with four tags


This amp means a lot to me. and I am very happy when I still can enjoy its great sound !   Thank's

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Are you really sure that the resistance track is damaged ?

I guess it's oxide. Buy a can of Caig DeOxIT and spray into the pot.

Turn the pot forward and backward 20 times and I believe the qxide is gone.


If you are looking for a pot try here

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Hi.  I have a Sansui AU-717 with the same problem.  In fact, it got so bad that I couldn't even turn the volume up or down.  If your volume pot is the same as mine, it has 5 segments.  You have to slightly open each segment and spray the Caigs DeoxIT.  (I bought mine at Radio Shack).  Work the volume control and it will break down the gunk.  Do not try to take apart each segment of the volume control.  It is held together by two small long shaft bolts and nuts.  This worked for me but you have to be careful.  I accidently pulled out five wires and now need to have a repair shop resolder them into the correct locations.


Good luck



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One other thing, there are no spare volume pots for my Sansui AU-717.  I would have to imagine the same for yours.  You will need to use the Caigs Deoxit.  Good luck.



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Thanks for the information, I've been off-line for while (Harddisk-crash).

I will try to clean the surface of the volume-pot's track later.

See the attachment for the volume pot I am talking about.

Brian Hutton
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Looking for volume controll su719
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