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is there anyone that could tell me more about these quite rare speakers ?

Some web sites (Audio Heritage) have technical data but it's quite difficult to find personal or professional reviews about Sansui SP-L speakers series (in particular I'm looking for comments about SP-L150 and not about SP-L700/800 which are more famous).

Is there a relationship between SP-L series and JBL (for the drivers or cabinets design, as example) ? if so, which type of sound could these SP-L speakers have today ?

Kind regards,
steve mcmaster
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hi i have the SP-L250 set i had to re foam the woofer's at a cost of $8.00,i paid $20 for them at a local thrift store a whale of a deal i'd say,nobody's even heard of them or even heard them,except one guy in Van.B.C.he has the 150's and one guy in my toown in AB.Has the 250's say's he would never part with them,I also will not part with mine,they are incredibly rare outside of Japan,and sound is incredible for 2 way,they were worth $700u.s. in 1977,i have owned 3 pair of JBL'S i took apart my loft 150's to do a better build,but haven't done it yet,also have the studio 190's i got rid of the mid and tweeter's all that plastic crap and stuck a pair of Canadian made Paradigm Atom v-2's in the cabinet from the early 80's and what a nice differance in sound.JBL AND SANSUI were very close to each other back in the day,note how the JBL Decade and 250's look similar same tweet's port's are diff and crossover are diff = diff sound,you either like it or not, notably here in the west the name is the game changer,Sansui was bound by agreement not to sell their design outside Japan.
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