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i have Sansui receiver QRX-5500A  (4 channel receiver)
i believe it was built in 1969...? but not sure...
it is in great shape and i use it all the time.
i was trying to find out information about it and where to bring it for servicing?
does anyone know anything about my product?
does anyone know the value of this unit
i am really NOT into bring it to a basic Radio Shack or the like for servicing..
recently it is taking LONGER to warm up and start 5-15 minutes.. and i am getting worried.
i have had the unit since the early 80's and dont recall ever having the tubes or any other parts checked..
many thanks..Bill
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Hi Bill

I do not know your location but the best man for your amp is QuadBob who knows everything about 4-channel. You can email him at


You can also read about Bob at 

Alan Archer
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Check this link out for an on line manual for your stereo receiver.





PS I have one so if you find out how much they are worth I'd like to know - thanks

Rodger Petre
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As of July 28, 2009, the Sansui QRX-5500 is worth $700 according to this website:

I have one, in like new condition, and it functions beautifully.
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$700 is the price when new 1973.
Today the price on Ebay is between $100 up to $300

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