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Hi guys, I'm Robert from Sweden.

I've been hanging around here a lot lately, but this is my first post. So what's can you help me with you ask yourself, right?

I have done a lot of searching and reading the last weeks. I haven't heard anyone of those amps mentioned in the subject. However – I've read a lot of good things about them all. I'm trying to choose which one I should buy. Could someone more experienced here possibly help me with this? If so, let me hear what you have to say. I'm almost a Sansui fan boy even though I haven't heard one yet But I've got what I would call a good price on the Yamaha A-1 as well, making things more complex.

From what I've heard the Yamaha A-1 is more analytic and maybe also more precise. But the Sansui's are warm, powerful and also nice sounding amps. I'm going to use a pair of Swedish made Larsen 4, 100W speakers with the one I choose.

Links for technical comparison:
Sansui BA-F1 and CA-F1 (Japanese)
Yamaha A-1 (English)
Yamaha A-1 (Japanese)
(The others, most of you probably are familiar with already I presume...)

Oh.. one more thing. How do I connect headphones to the BA-F1/CA-F1 combo in the best way? Is it even possible? It lacks headphone jack as far as I can see.

I'm looking forward to hear what you experts have to say.


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I became a Sansui fan just this year. I recently bought an unrefurbished Sansui AU-D707F Extra and did some wonder with a contact cleaner. Now it sound flawlessly.

I auditioned for the Yamaha A-1 and Marantz SR-18 about two years. With regards to musical fidelity I can only give 7 to A-1, 9 to SR-18 and of course 10 to AU-D707F Extra. To me, the unprocessed/direct sound (meaning no tone enhancement) of A-1 needs to be improved a lot.

BTW, my hearing range is up to 22kHz at low volume (like casual talking). I only know one person that surpasses it at 23kHz.
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