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Searched High and Low for a remote code for this until. Didnt have remote. Assumed like every piece of equipment in the world either my pronto or other universals would work.. No such luck. Anyone have any Ideas.

I thank you in advance!

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the philips universal remote 3 or 4 device unit will do everything but allow you to dub to disk from tape. hope this helps you in some way. i have the same unit here.

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Thats you know the codes though?


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The only way I have found to control this device is to program the DVD to one device on the universal remote ( i. e. DVD/VCR button). The code is 0695.   Then program the VCR to a second device button ( i. e. AUX button)

The code is 1479.  You must use the VCR and DVD as two completely seperate devices.  The DVD side will control the power on or off. 

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