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mayur sabharwal
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well , the link does not work. its not only me but lots of other people who are complaining that the link the does not work. gives " not found " error. I do not want to know who owns this company, to whole they sold their brand name. I just want to tell people that do not buy their products in india. they may be better around the world, but here they are POOR at support services.
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The link works for me.
I'm not defending the companies who bought the rights to use Sansui name on their products. On the contrary, I hate it because the products are made by "someone" somewhere and far away from the quality of the products made by the genuine Sansui in Japan.
mayur sabharwal
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i understand your point but i think they are using some technique that they are redirecting users based on their ip addresses to a particular page on website. when i try to open that url, it redirects me to this page which gives not found error.
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What a mess.
Can you access this page

mayur sabharwal
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no, it again redirects me to
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Originally Posted by mayur sabharwal
no, it again redirects me to

Maybe you can "walk around" by using a proxy. I found this site but don't know anything about them.
t.eswara rao
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