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BA-5000 by itself:
Marc S.
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Beautiful setup. I have followed your posting from here and from your old AK days and have been one of many to receive their Sansui education from you. Do you really think that you can tell the difference in sound between most of your amps if blinded?

I have The AU 999, 9500, 11000, 20000, 717, 919, D11, D 11 II, G99X, X901, X911 DG and can perhaps group them in three categories which I think that I can distinguish. I certainly could not tell the difference between a restored 919 and D 11 II in blind testing.

I know from old postings that you had Infinity Ren. 90 speakers. Are the still your mains? What is the brown speaker next to the BA 5000?

Best Regards

Marc s.
Ithaca, NY
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Hi Marc,

How are things up in Ithaca? (I'm down here in Queens).

Thats quite a collection you have there yourself, I can see right away that you decided to basically collect all of the main Sansui integrated amps from about 1970 to 1987.

Its tough to evaluate the sound quality between different amps, especially when they're all of vintage age and the internal components and so forth have to be taken into account. For example, I am sure a totally restored AU-717 sounds much better than a 35 yr old one that has the notorious glue problem. Here is a nice restoration job by the way:

As for my set-up: I have to work around the limitations of my basement- the stairs, the boiler/furnace, bathroom, wash machine etc..., as I have mentioned previous times, would really like to have the entire basement remodeled and then be abel to rearrange the hi fi equipment in a better way. The photo I posted just shows a portion of the basement, there's more stuff in the house.

The main speakers in the basement are the Infinity Renaissance 90's. I originally had the blonde oak version, but a few years ago I had the rare opportunity to acquire a pair in the limited edition hi gloss black lacquer, so I then moved the blone oak pair upstairs. Going back to what you said about comparing sound differences,, well, to me, having great Sansui amps is certainly a pleasure, but I think having an awesome pair of speakers is equally important, if not more so, and the Ren 90's are among the best there is.

The other speakers you asked about are the Infinity Qe, much smaller than the Ren 90's, and older- they date to the late 70's. I do have a pair of Qb's upstairs, and even a pair of Quantum 3's- but the Q3's need some repairs, thus they are in boxes- can be seen in the basement pic- the boxes behind the right-side speaker.


Marc Sadovnic
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Thanks for the quick reply BeatleFred and the introduction to StereoNet.  I had never heard of it and I'll be checking it out. I have seen skippy124's restoration on AK, however.  My only Infinity speakers are the Kappa 7.1s.  I have them in my office and can only do them justice with enough volume when I work alone on weekends.  From what I read, my Sansui integrateds would have trouble handling the higher Kappas.  I'm not sure they could handle the Ren 90s although they are not supposed to be as demanding as the higher Kappas.  I've wanted a Ren 90 or 80 ever since I read your posts years ago. They are hard to come by locally and nobody ships these.

Most of my amps also are in my office.  They are connected to a switch box so that I can rotate them.  I think that, with the wife appeal factor, I would have trouble with them at home.  That's why I am postponing my retirement to at least 70 years, if I can make it.  I wouldn't mind some additions to my collection, but these are getting harder to come by.

Its cool and rainy in Ithaca, in fact it often rains in Ithaca, but the leaves are giving us some good colors, although a drought this summer may keep this from being a very good season for fall foliage.  We haven't had a frost yet, and we are still getting something from the garden.

Keep on posting.  With great affection and regards.

Marc S.

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Hi Marc,

I dont know if the Kappa 7's are as hard on speakers as the Kappa 9's, but you would be ok with your amps if they were connected to Renaissance 90's.  They arent seen for sale too often, but keep looking around. They are popular in Germany, and several of them appear on Ebay Germany from time to time, but I realize that buying them there and trying to ship abroad would be expensive, so keep an eye out on places like Craigslist, with some luck, a nice pair wil eventually present itself.
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