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Hi Fred

Recently we had talked about the BA-5K with ser #246060101 and it was only an hour away so i went and saw it on the weekend.

My first thought was, WOW THAT THING IS HUGE !! 

After seeing the overall nice condition and hearing it, i bought it.

You should have seen the look on my wifes face when i got home and told her that i couldnt lift it out of the Jeep myself, it was priceless !!

I didnt think i would ever own one of these as they are hard to come by, but now i do and i'm pretty excited about that.

As you suggested, i hooked my SPX-11000's (2 pairs) to the 4 ohm posts, and it seems to be working fine.

Thanks for your help Fred !




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Hi Gavin:


Congratulations on being the proud new owner of a BA-5000. I am sure you will really enjoy this awesome amplifier.  I was listening to one of mine the other night, and it sounded great.


I'm glad that you were able to pick it up directly from the seller. The seller was probably glad too, otherwise alot of work to have to pack & ship it.

Hopefully, he mightve given you a discount on the selling price in recognition of that.


As for the speakers, sounds like all is ok, though if you intend to use multiple pairs, perhaps connecting to the 8 ohm terminals might be preferred for extra safety. Try it and compare.

Monitor the heat dissipation by placing your hand on the top cover of the BA-5K after its been on and playing music for a while. The BA-5K seems to get a bit on the warm side, but it shouldnt get so hot as to activate the fan. (when I say put your hand on the cover, specifically put it on the back part of the cover- the red color part, which is what will get warm, as opposed to the black part in front- where the transformers are).


Next on the agenda: A CA-3000 preamp for you?    The CA-3K is the perfect matching preamp to the BA-5K, but as I mightve mentioned before,  the CA-2000 is a highly recommended alternative.





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Hi Fred

The seller wasnt big on having to ship something that big, and he came down $400 from his ideal price so it was good for both of us.

As far as speaker hook-up, if i hook up to a 4 ohm load instead of 8 ohm, is it going to cause harm to the amp, or make the amp work harder, get hotter, or not really affect it. I doubt 8 ohm gets louder as it can attain a rediculous volume the way it is. And that is where i notice the biggest difference with this amp. Not that i play it so loud as to knock pictures off the walls in the house next door , but at a level where its like having a band in my living room. But the clarity and bass response is unreal. The bass is so smooth its hard to explain it to someone who has never heard something like this. I also dont believe the average guy has 8  17" woofers in 1 room.

As far as a CA-3K , definately, just a matter of time.

 Thanks Fred




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HI Fred

Guess who just won a CA-3000 on ebay, I said it was only a matter of time.

Ok so it turned out to be a short time, cant wait till it shows up !

I tried to post a pic of my system for you to see, but couldnt seem to do so.



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Congratulations Gavin, I'm sure you'll be very pleased with the CA-3000, its a high quality unit, that matches great with the BA-5000. You'll love the green meters that also go along with the BA-5K, now all you need is a TU-9900 tuner...

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Hi Fred

I have a TU-9900 already, it was one of the first pieces i acquired.

It is definately as good as all the reviews out there



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Good Morning Beatlefred

I aquired an AU-717 from a guy in the neighborhood , wasnt really lookin to buy one of these units , but the thing looks like it just came out of the box so i bought it. Out of curoisity im gonna hook it up to my BA5K but wasnt completely sure about the coupling switch position.
In the seperated position, theres 2 options , direct coupled , or capacitor coupled, and im thinkin i should be on the direct coupled , is this correct , and what is the difference ?

Thanks for your time , and hope all is well with you

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Hi Gavin,

Here's a recent explanation on the direct vs cap-coupled switch (its easier just to post the link, rather then for me to retype the same explanation, basically):

The 717 is a great amp, but one main concern is the conductive glue issue which has also beeen discussed on AK if you search the Sansui forum archived messages there, or do a Google search on it. It can be fixed, and the amp will function as-new again. The 717 you just acquired may Look like new and still be ok for the most part, but nonetheless it still Is 33-34 years old, so you cant be surprised if components inside the amp would be in need of replacement by now. But its definitely worth it, I have a restored AU-717 in my collection, as well as a restored G-9000 receiver, and they both sound awesome.


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Hi BeatleFred,

I've been a keen reader of your knowledge of Sansui BA-5000's for a long time now. Ive recently acquired my 2nd BA-5000, both mint, one owner, and original boxes both from the same original owner.
I was wanted to check the Offset & Bias of these amps. I read somewhere an explanantion you posted of how to do it and was wondering if you could enlighten me?

You may be interested that my two BA-5000's are brother & sister being only one number apart on the serial number. Obviously both were purchased consecutively.



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Hi Gavin,

Its nice to hear from you. Congratualtions on acquiring a 2nd BA-5000, especially one in such nice condition, they're not that easy to find these days.
Its great you also got the original box, but how about the original factory Certificate of the measured specs?  Hopefully the original owner kept it and included it in the sale?

I recently bought an original Sansui brochure dated Winter 1978 which still has the BA-5000 in the product line. I found that to be very interesting because I was wondering if the 5000 was still being manufactured past '77 (latest model I have seen so far via serial # code is Dec 77).  But oddly, the matching CA-3000 preamp isnt in the brochure, its already replaced by the CA-2000.  I posted a scan of the brochure page on the Facebook 'Sansui Lovers' page.

Its been a few years since I did the bias adjustment. The BA-5000 service manual has the diagram showing the measurement.  I'd have to dig out the manual in my closet full of Sansui literature.., I believe the value should be set to 180 mA. (mA stands for milli-amps, a unit of electrical current).

However, be very careful.  When I attempted to do it, I dont recall exactly how it happened but I think my meter lead slipped off from its conneciton point and I ended up knocking out the amp- it was dead, would not power on at all.  The reason was that two resistors in the power supply had opened. Luckily, I knew someone who still had a few of them(3.9 ohm, 10 Watt) which I bought and after the new resistors were put in, the amp came back to life.
I wouldnt want that to happen again, that part would probably be very difficult to find now.


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Hi Fred,

OK will need to be careful then. I asked my technician and he said just leave it alone unless it is noticeably distorting.

My BA-5000's unfortunatley do not have the Data sheets. I believe the family that the amps came from would have had them, as he had a huge collection of mint Sansui gear all with documentation, however they were not located at the time which is a pity.

I want to biamp them and run a pair of AR TSW 910's which I picked up.
Can you confirm, when hooking up to a CA-3000 and wiring for this setup, once the amp is switched to mono, only the left RCA audio jack is used on the back of both amps, which are subsequently both then plugged in together into the CA-3000 outputs is this correct? I wasn't sure if it was the left or right RCA audio jack which was used??


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Yes, in Mono, only the Left Input terminal of the BA-5K is used, and also only the positive speaker terminals are used on the BA-5K

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