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I bought a Sansui T-700 tuner today at Goodwill for $3. I was just looking for a tuner and this is what they had. I brought it home and set it up, but it has some strange issues. Auto tuning only "locks" onto a station .1 MHz over the frequency (i.e. 98.0 instead of 97.9). Also, I cannot receive stereo broadcasts. The "FM Muting/Mode" switch has to be set to off/mono to get any sound to the speakers. I set the tuning to auto and set it to stereo mode and let it scan. It only locked on one frequency between two known stations and just spit out multipath garbage with the stereo indicator flickering. Is this a common problem on these older synthesizer tuners? Can I adjust something to fix this? Just for the record, I am using a 300 ohm 'T' wire antenna, properly measuring 4' 7" between the ends of the T :-)

Ella Evans
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How do I hook speaker i up to this
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