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well, sansui lovers or collectors keep their devices in original condition.
If, for example, some knobs on a frontplate are missing, noone takes some of a Yamaha or Pioneer device, put it on the Sansui and calls it original.
But what's about under the hood ?
When you replace 1 dry capacitor you repaired and kept a vintage model running. What if you replace all capacitors and perhaps something more, is it still "original" ? Where is the border ?
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Replacing internal components with the same value doesn't change the design, and so I submit that it is still "original." It is not possible to keep the piece running forever without some components breaking down. If one wanted to keep the equipment completely "as original" with all orignal parts, they would eventually have a non-functional unit.
If parts are replaced with equivalent substitutes with the same or better specifications, I think you could also say the design hasn't changed, and therefore it's still original.
If you add parts not in the original design, for whatever reason, that unit has now been modified and should be identified as such if you sell it.
If a knob is missing and you get a machinist to make an exact copy of the original knob, I would call that original as well.

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