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suddenly the sansui began to refuse to initialize dvd-r, the message was the c-302 message who means that
it seems that there is a crack or a dirty spot on the DVD.
I tried many other DVDs (Maxell, Fuji, verbatim) from a new boxes and

the same message appeared.
The Sansui can read original DVD movie but it can't
anymore read is own burned DVDs.

I tried a dvd-rw and the initialization worked and after that
i tried a DVD-R (4X) and it worked but now 4X dvd-r
are not working anymore.

If someone knows how to correct this problem, please email.

Help will be appreciated,


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I am having the same problems with my VRDVD4005. One moment it works and the next it won't read the disc to "Initialize" or "Finalize." I have tried cleaning the DVD player but nothing seems to work. Did you ever find out how to solve this problem?

I appreciate anyone's help!
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