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Frits Metz
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My teenage son has just bought a Sansui SM-A1400F power amplifier. I have searched the internet for information, but find nothing relevant.

Can you advise me on where to find data/specifications/manuals etc. I would hate for him to destroy it while trying to get it to work. In particular he needs to know the speaker connections for the different channels, and the power rating of the unit.


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Sorry I haven't heard of this model number. What kind of power amp is it. For home or car. Any picture of the connections ?
(I found that's a Car Power Amp manufactured in Korea 1997)

You can also try to ask here
Frits Metz
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Thanks for the reply Keeper,

The amp is for a car. I have not seen it, it is with my son at home in South Africa, and I am at work in Papua. I have asked him to send photos, but you know how teenagers are??
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