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John Whitaker
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I Bought a Sansui CP-7 portable system last year at an estate sale.I have heard they were one of the first portable systems made and are rare.All functions work really well.Any ideas on value or general info is appreciated.Sansui Rules

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We already found a Sansui CP-7. Thanks, anyway, though. Just out of curiousity where (state) did you find it? Yes, it's a rare find. It's a great little system. We're pleased Thanks again, for letting us know.

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I just bought one (a CP-7) also. A silver one in mint condition.  I want a black one.  I have been searching for these since I was fifteen and saw it in the post exchange while overseas as a military brat with my parents.  Any help in finding the black one is appreciated.  I'm just happy to have the silver.  I also own a 5000x reciever.

Peter Slaughter
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I got hip to this while in the marines on Rock Island in japan.
Mines one speaker and the tuner still kicks.
I have this one small cassette box connected to the aux and then I switch
up and connect my CD player.
I get a good sound still from my old classic tapes.
I will never buy a ipod no time soon.
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Hi Has anyone tried connecting a CD player to the CP-7.

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Yes, and an iPod.  Works fine.

Fred Johnson
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I am trying to locate a Sansui CP-7.
I had one back in the early 80's and would sure like have one to put in my office.  any Ideas of how to bet locate one?
I would appreciate any help.
Thanks, Fred
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Update!  Got the black CP-7 about a month ago! Yay!!!

Timothy Summerlin
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I have a silver cp-7. I was wondering what Fred paid for his black one, and what mine was worth. It's in mint condition and everything works fine.
pradeep kr
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I likely to buy Sansui CP7 or CP R7
Please help me to get this one.
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