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Omid Manikhi
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Hi Guys,

I am in desprate need of a Sansui Classique A-1001 Service manual, You see, I accidently plugged ours in a 220v plug, and now it's ruined, I have to get it fixed before my parents find out. Being an electronics engineer myself, I think with this service manual I will be able to fix it. There's one problem though. Can anyone please please please please help me?? I'm really desprate, you guys are the only hope I have left

Sincerely Yours,
Omid Manikhi

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You can find the manual here

Omid Manikhi
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Thank you very very much my friend, but the problem is, I live in Iran and we have no international credit cards here, so I really don't know how I can buy that

Omid Manikhi
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Did your parents ever bust your dumb brown ass?
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