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Tran Vinh Tho
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Hi all,


As you know, I'm a Sansui fan. I've just acquired a Sansui CD-Alpha917XR. Anybody heare has got this one and can tell us your opinion about it?

I have possessed some Sansui CDP models: CD-Alpha701i, 901i, 717D Extra and this newly acquired 917XR. Also, I have got various models of Sansui integated amps. and pre-power and power-amps.


Looking forward to hearing your opinions about that CD player.





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Hello TVT:


Happy Holidays to you. Congratulations on your cd player. What is the manufacturing date according to its serial #?


I realize that you're interested in opinions on this model, but I get the feeling that not too many people own one, expecially if it was made in the 1990's when there was a sharp decline in Sales for Sansui here in the U.S.


I suggest keeping an eye on the auctions on Ebay Germany, that model might be more commonly found over there. If you do see one, you could ask the seller his opinion. Yahoo Japan is another possibility.





Tran Vinh Tho
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Hi BF,

I'm so fascinated with this CD player. Sure, it is not so common. I am comparing it with my current Marantz CD-95 and the older one Sony CDP- 557ESD. I am going to tell you more detailed about this 917XR soon, but at first audition, it has already given me so strong impression. I'll check the date and the serial number.


Best regards,



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What`s the A-B listening outcome?
This Sansui a-917XR, a very rare high end player and not much information even from the internet.

Tran Vinh Tho
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Hi all,

As I have said. I had several CDP at the time when I acquired Sansui CD-Alpha 917 XR. Now, after some time listening to them all, what I still keep are Marantz CD-7 and Sansui CD-Alpha 917 XR for my main listening room and Marantz CD-95 for my bed-room system. It means that I'm quite satisfactory with the SS CD player.

Tran Vinh Tho
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@Tran Vinh Tho
I have one CD Player, but model for Japanese market, it is CD Alpha 907, and I am looking any info about laser pickup, so I see you have the same model as mine, but for international market, so can you take some pictures of laser pickup in yours CD Alpha 901 (OK maybe it is CD-X901 OR CD Alpha 907).
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Hi, all
My alfa 917 plays only same CDs. I replaced the laser head but nothing changed. Could you check play with scratched CD for example? After reading contents the player indicates that there are 00 tracks with 0000 long. This CD works in any boombox.
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I have a CD Alpha 717 D Limited. I am very pleased with it. I wonder if you can get to it somewhere scheme. Does anyone know anything about this?
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