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Matts Amundsen
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Has anyone heard of this model? When did it enter the market and what were the specs? Looks like a model from the eighties to me, but it's claimed to be from the nineties.

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Well, if it was around in '89 and '90, then it can be said its both an 80's & 90's model One quick way to narrow down an approximate date of manufacture is to be aware that Sansui changed their logo in mid 1987, so if you see the newer logo on a model, you know for sure it was made after 1986. (the serial # in the back of each Sansui unit has a pattern whereby it indicates the Year and Month of manufacture)


I have some reviews of the 911 in various hi fi magazines backissues which date to '89/'90. I believe the amp is either 100 or 120Watts, and the list price back then was about $1300.





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I know this is a bit late.:-) - The AU-X911DG was introduced in 1987 and discontinued in 1991. Main amp is near the same as the AU-X901, but the 911DG are optimized in more places and a MASH 1-bits digital circuit with 4 digital in/out and 1 optical in/out. Amplification is 2x120/8ohm, 2x160/4ohm and 2x320/2ohm dynamically. Connections: Tuner, aux, CD, turntable with MM/MC, 4x digital, 1x optical, 3x tape with dubbing between all three. Frequency response on the amp is DC-100.000hz +/-0,005% total harmonic distorsion.

It's a real great amplifier with very high dynamics and very nuanced modulation of any kind of music from easy-listening, jazz, pop, rock, heavy and over to the classical music. The 'sound' of the 911DG is more times called 'the English way of sound'- heavy, when it's needed, light when needed and very nuanced when this is needed. - I.e. - it is usable for any tyhpe of music.

I bought mine in oct. 1988 as a successor of another Sansui - an AU-77X and got it totally refurbished two years ago with new motors and potmeters all over and it's now like new. My setup is with a pair of JBL L85 and a pair of Tannoy Saturn 8 speakers. - This gives a really fine and very, very fine sound.

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I have a Sansui 911 which I purchased when we lived in Tokyo. Now. I am hearing periodic noise. Where did you get yours refurbished? Approximately how much?

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