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What is the difference between the two?

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If you mean QRX-7500 and QRX-7500A the difference is that QRX-7500A has the decoder IC but not the control IC for better separation and decoding.  

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So would you try for the 7500A if you are looking for one? My old 7500 lost one of the rear chan many years ago and I just got in a service manual for it and I might be able to fix it and maybe not? But I was happy with it. I am the one also that has the problem with the 8001 that you replyed too and I am going to open it back up and see what I can find. Thank goodness it opens up better than the 7500 ones, the 8001 is easy to get to the top side anyway.

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Hi Duke

QRX-7500 is the better of these two.  Fix the rear channel as you already have the Service Manual.


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