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Lee Bishop
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Hi, I have a Sansui RZ9900AVD home theatre and am looking to find where to get a replacement DVD drive for said machine, or even another type of drive that will fit this machine.

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This forum is concerned with the original Sansui products. Sansui sold their name and the unit you have was not made by the original Sansui. You may be able to get some support from the manufacturer.
Lee Bishop
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Can you tell me who the new manufacturer of the Sansui product is so that I can get the info I need from them.

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Sansui Sales Pte Ltd.
456 Alexandra Road
#12-01 NOL Building
Singapore 119962
Tel: (65) 6272 1488
Fax: (65) 6272 3350
 Or try:

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Sansui products these days are not produced by the original Sansui Electric Co in Japan. Their last factory was closed year 2000. Sansui is sold to a Chinese Group who order different types of items from several factories. 
Nowadays, you can find Sansui brand MP3,TV,VCR,DVD players carrying the Sansui logo in the US.  They are manufactured and distributed by different companies.  These companies are from different countries in the world, and they even don't know each other.  This is the result of Chinese holding company selling Sansui brand name to anybody and anyplace in the world.  
One thing for sure is, though, there is no technical relationship whatsoever with Sansui Electric Co Japan products.  Carrying the same logo, that is the only thing in common.  Pity but true.

Here are two more addresses to visit
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