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Hello all.

I was considering using an AU-9500, AU-11000, AU-20000, or a BA-3000 to drive a set of 4-ohm speakers, specifically the first series of the Infinity Kappa 7's.  I know that they are rated to drive 4 ohm loads, but i recently read a post by someone on another forum claiming poor sound performance from the sansui amps when driving 4 ohm loads.  I thought this a bit strange.

Does anyone here use a sansui to drive a 4 ohm load on a daily basis, and care to comment?  I know that beatlefred has some Renaissance 90's the I guess he uses a BA-5000 on, and these seem to fit the bill (although the 5000 is somewhat more powerful)


Marc Sadovnic
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I have a pair of 7.1's and have had no problem driving them with the Sansui AU 919, or 11000. The 7's are not the amp killers that the higher models are. There is no question the BA 3000, or the AU 20000 could drive them, although I haven't tried them. All these amps can handle 4 ohms. The problem with the other Infinities is that the impedance can drop significantly lower. I hope this helps. Marc
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Hi Rob:
The BA-5000 and B-2301 are the main amplifiers that I use with my Ren 90's. (not biamped, I just switch between them, though I could biamp if I wanted to, or biamp with my 2nd BA-5000), but for now I dont think I need such extra power.
I really havent had any problems with any of the Sansui amps Ive used with the Ren 90's, such as a 60 Watt 7070 or G-5500 receiver.  For the time being, in addition to the BA-5000 and B-2301, I also have in service the AU-D11, 919, 717, 9090DB, G-7700, and Z-9000X, and they all can handle a 4 ohm load ok.
I also plan to have my D11 II fixed and I'm sure it will also have no problem to run the Ren 90's, and I am also very eager to have my AU-111 tube amp fixed as well, (just a minor problem) and see how it does with the Ren 90's- if can drive them, otherwise, use it as a tube preamp.
So, I think in most cases you would be fine to drive your Kappa's with any of the models you mentioned. I would only be extra-cautious if you had the Kappa 9's which I understand are notoriously hard on amps.
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Thanks for the input guys.  I've got a line on an AU-20000 that has just been reworked for some issues, So I might be heading for that.  Amongst other things I have a 5000 receiver that has always amazed me.  I can listen to that thing for hours without gettin grumpy with it.  However, with the lower power and driver board issues they are prone to i'm not really willing to offer it up to the infinity dogs.

I often find that when you tell someone (outside of the enthusiast circle)  that you want one of these big models they immediately start thinking that you're just after the biggest thing there was (or making up for some male-related physical limitations!).  Being honest with myself, its not that i want to go overly loud etc, I just want a nice old amp that won't have any problems driving demanding speakers to fair levels.   I don;t want to have to look for a new amp every time i have the opportunity to try some particular speaker.  There's a bit of an industrial design aspect that i really love about these old beasts also - heavy chassis and discrete components are kind of romantic in the modern world.  Oh yeah... and the sound.  Admittedly, half of my enjoyment of music is equipment related, although apparently in some circles it is considered a bit uncool to admit it these days (i get a little irked by people who spout out 'its all about the music' after spending an hour talking about equipment).

OK.  <end of rant>

Thanks to everyone who keeps sansui alive

steven m
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I use a AU-9500 in my vintage repair workshop to all manner of test speakers. With proper ventilation, the AU-9500 will have no problem driving 4 ohms all day long. Can't speak for the other models, I have no experience with them.
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