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Was officially invited by Stene to peruse your forums, so I'll try to do so when I can. Those who know me know that I generally post at 'another' forum on a regular basis, but I'll pop over here when the opportunity arises.


80% or better of the gear I work on is Sansui, so perhaps my past trials and tribulations may be of value.



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Hi Glenn:


Nice of you to stop by. With your experience, I'm sure you can be of great assistance to the folks posting messages here on the various problems they're having with their hi fi gear.





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yes - here is my first question:
all sansui devices I own have some testpoints on the boards,
but I cannot find any tech details at the "Service Manual"s.
Is there annother source, let's call it "Repair Manual", which
describes it in more detail ?



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Service manual is the final word. I'm not sure what device you speak of, but a glance at the schematic ought to tell ya what the TP's are there for.

M D Gadre
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   I am very sorry to post this mail here. But I have absolutely no other option left. When I exhausted all my options, & there is absolutely no response from Sansui India, I was left with only one option to highlight Quality & Service of Sansui India to International customers. Since Legal system in India is full of impediments & it takes years & years to get justice, I am having this last hope that Sansui India will replace(since they cant repair) my CTV during Guarantee period after going thru this post.
    I spent 3000 bucks to buy this product &spent more 3000 bucks on phone calls & correspondence during last 10 months. Now they are waiting for my Guaranty/Warranty period to expire, thereafter they are not liable to repair or replace my faulty product. Here is my Nightmare experience. I hope members of this forum will understand my sentiments, the agony & pain I have undergone during last 10 months.

    Here I am going to narrate nightmare experience. I purchased Sansui CTV...Model..Viva December 2009. Everybody advised me not to opt for Sansui
saying that they were selling substandard "Dabba" TVs in India. They had worst reputation in TV market. But I thought many-times Rivals defame some good
companies. But I am repenting for that day when I spent 3000 to buy this "Dabba"
 Had I heeded their advise, I wouldnt have undergone tremendous Mental Agony & pain which I had to undergo during last 7 months.
   This is a Classic Case of "Cheat & Loot". My TV immediately after buying gone blank, but since I had gone out of station & my family members didnt know
where to lodge the complaint, they kept on using that TV for next 2 months. If it was Switched on & kept On for say 15 minutes to 2 hours, It would start
displaying picture. Since I had already 2 Big TVs in my home, my family members too didnt bothered to lodge the complaint. While buying Sansui Viva14 I had
 decided to replace my other 2 old TVs with Sansui only, since they are cheaper(than other companies), its Japanese company etc. But soon I realised why
they are selling TVs at cheaper rates.
   When I returned home, & came to know about the matter,I contacted shopkeeper, since Receipt given by Shopkeeper itself was Guarantee card, & there was
nowhere Sansui no. mentioned Shopkeeper gave me mobile no. of somebody called Nilesh Gada. He experiemented, did "Trial & error"method for 2 months & when got tired,
gave me Phone no. of sansui Call Centre. Now let me mention here that these Call/Contact/Customer Centres are no more than Harrassment/torture Centres
opened by Companies in modern world. Because my experience is that nobody gets satisfactory answers; on the other hand one is subjected to torture with standard
replies like "We are sorry", "We are doing our best","Our technician will reach your house today", "Sorry we are not authorised to connect your call to any
higher authorities or supervisor or we cant give company's postal address as ours is only Customer care Centre", even if you keep calling daily for months
or years.
   Later I came to know that Mr. Nilesh Gada was employee of some company called "Take Care". And soon I understood that Sansui people are so clever that
they have entrusted Service work to third party Company like "Take Care" so that they dont have to face wrath of cunstomers' anger. After spending my precious
time & money on calling Call centre daily for 1 and half months, they felt sorry for my condition & at last gave me No. of "Take Care". Again I started
calling, I was promised to get my TV repair wihin 1 or 2 days everytime I called & after few days, they started cutting my calls.
 So Sansui people gave me no. of their(Take care) incharge called Mr. Dhananjay Chachad. For first
few days he too promised to repair my TV within 1 or 2 days. But when 15 days passed, he also saved my no.s in his mobile & started rejecting/disconnecting
my calls. So again I called Sansui Call Centre, they gave me mobile no. of Shekhar, who was boss of Chachad, I was told. But by that time all phone no.s of
"Take Care" had stored/saved all my Cell no.s & landline no. So Shekhar didnt take my call even once till date. For few days, I kept calling all no.s of
Take Care, but when I was convinced that they were not taking my calls deliberately, I got angry(I cant express my anger in words).
  So I called Call Centre & told them about their behaviour. I was shocked to know that my complaint was shown as  "resolved" in their register on 12th August, when I asked how could they resolve
my complaint without attending it? And whether they had received any written form with my signature that my complaint was resolved? Call centre executive
 couldnt answer my query!
   On that one Mr. Rakesh gave me no. 53030 & asked me to SMS that no. & said that I would receive
a call from sansui within 2 hours. What I received immediately was one "Thank you" message & I am still waiting for their call.
  So from next day, again I started calling Take care no.s day & Night, one fine early morning Chachad mistakenly took my call & I narrated the matter. On
that he said he would send a person immediately at any cost. Since I had urgent work, I told this matter to my wife before leaving home. One Mr. Rajendra
Mondkar visited my house & removed entire circuit & left. When my wife objected, he told her that his boss had spoken with her husband. Now the feeling I
have is similar to some lady who has been ***** by somebody & she is holding his baby in her hands.
  When I told this matter to shopkeeper & asked him to replace this "Dabba" with some other company's TV, I was ready to pay even more. He told me that it
was matter I had to sort out with sansui, he couldnt help me & couldnt exchange any goods once sold.
  Just now when I visited Sansui Website, I found their slogan "Born in Japan, entertaining India". How I wish I could change that to "Born in Japan, cheating
India" or "Born in Japan, successfully cheating & looting Indians for many years". Now I sincerely appeal to all Indians not to go for Sansui TV even if
it is available at free of cost. Since I spent 3000 for TV & more than 2000 for phone calls in addition to Mental agony & pain which cant be described in
  I dont remember whether I was given any complaint no. Because in all this agony, I completely forgotten. Moreover everytime Call centre Executives used
to aks for my cell no. to retrieve my name, address, complaint details etc. If there was any complaint no. it should be 1000426527.
  Just now when I visited Sansui Website I came to know that their Service agents are not "Take Care" but "". So I was intentionally given
wrong information by Servicedelight technicians/employees, inorder to malign image of some other company. They are such Bastard people that they should be hanged in public.
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Since long time ago the original Sansui Electric Co Japan who made High Quality HiFi doesn't have any factory left. The owner of Sansui today is a Chinese Group who are selling the license to any one around the world to use Sansui name on their products. 
Below you have some addresses:
M D Gadre
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Thanks a Lot! Sir,
   First 2 links are chinese. Others except last one are no more operational. Let me try last link to voice my grievances,
   Thanks again,

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