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Anyone care to share their experiences with the Hashimoto product? 

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Well, you can read my comment on Hashimoto push-pull sound at  Also, one of our customers, Tony said, "Isao,


An update on the pp 2a3 amp and the comparison between the Sansui 1000a Transformers Vs Hashimoto HW-40-5.  We have done much listening over the last week, by far the HW-40-5 are better in all respects to the 1000A in this 2a3 circuit at least.  There is no comparison I could not return now to the Sansui's having heard the Hashimoto they are many times better the reason for this I can not say?


This is the best description of what I have experienced like a curtain Lifted and all the performers of the music where in the room now!....


I am now convinced that Hashimoto is the best sounding transformer I have!"


Tony is one the most active persons in the DIY tube project community in the US, and he has tried almost all OP transformers he can put his hand on.


I have also built a 12BH7A Cathode Follower Driven 300B Single-Ended power amp with Hashimoto PT-270, C-10-200W, and H-20-3.5U, please see photos at


Sound wise - very vivid, sensitive, clear image, as if you are in a live music concert.


I asked Mr. Ishiguro, a chief engineer at Hashimoto about a year ago,  "Do you think your transformers are the best in the world?  Or, ever built?"  After a few seconds of delay, he said "Yes, I think so."  He was a tube transformer designer/engineer for Sansui from 1955 to the late 70's, moved to Hashimoto with all Sansui patents and blueprints.  Ever since, still being with Hashimoto after 50 years of transformer experiences.  Last night, I thanked him for everything happened to us in this year, and wished him the best for the coming 2006! 

John Wood
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I am looking for a transformer for a Sansui 5000 A amplifier/receiver the part # is D5K1.  I live in Seoul, Korea.  I found one but the sales person was such a Jerk.  He was only interested in quantity, he became insulting so I walked.  I have been amazed at the difficulty I am encountering in purchasing ONE.

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