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Isao Asakura
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This forum is for any information related with Hashimoto Electric in Tokyo, Japan. I have explained about Hashimoto Electric in the "Sansui, and Beyond" page on the Best of Sansui. More over, our sister site, is devoted for all about Hashimoto Electric (including Sansui tube models, of course).

The bottom line is that Hashimoto can reproduce almost any vintage Sansui tube transformers (including ones for the AU-111). Further, Hashimoto's own branded transformers have been winning the reputation of "one of the best sounding tube transformers ever produced" in Japan.

Moisés Catana Pires
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Eu sou Português, e a minha morada é, rua Vasco de Lima Couto lote 188 Quinta da Morgadinha «Charnéca da Caparica»           <Portugal> .Eu tenho uma coleçâo  de aprocimadamente 1000 rádios ,gramofones,gravadores,tvs,vidios.Onde tenho o sansui modelo2000A,que foi encontrado ao lado do contentor do lixo.Agora venho pedir o favor aquem de direito,de me enviarem as carateristicas técnicas do aparelho inclusive o esquema electrico. <Muinto obrigado>                              Moisés Catana Pires

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Vontade você usa por favor o inglês e faz sua pergunta em Sansui - forum de alta fidelidade dos modelos em vez do forum elétrico de Hashimoto

Davide Poletto
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I read all the informations about Hashimoto products.

I have a question about its power supply transformer model type PT-240.

I want to build a simple Loftin-White 2A3/12AX7 Vacuum Tube power amplifier following Shishido San famous schematic.

Shishido San used (Many years ago) TANGO irons like FW-20S (2.5kOhm Output transformer for 2A3) and MX-175 (Power transformer) and C-112 (Choke in CLC cell).

I'm looking for excellent transformers and I like so much the idea to use 7W/2.5k output transformer for 2A3 of Hashimoto.


Is PT-240 a valid alternative to rare MX-175 ?


What is the maximum current on the 100V primary winding ?

More or Less than 1A ?

I ask this information because I have a Japanese transformer with a 230V Primary and a 100V/1A Secondary I can use with PT-240 for 230V compatibilty here in Europe.

Do you have PT-240 available with 230V primary winding ?


I attached the Shishido schematic...maybe it will be useful to help me with those questions.


Thank you in advance


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I agree with you that the PT-240 will be an ideal choice.  You could use the H-20-3.5U (20W - maybe overkill for 2A3, ideal for 300B) or the H-203S (7W) for output transformers.  The choice for a choke will be the C-10-200W.


The PT-240 with a 230V primary will be a special order, but I know a US amp manufacturer who wants to order Hashimoto power transformers sometime, so with this person, it might be possible to clear the minimum order quantity.



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Hi Isao,

Thanks you so much, the answers to my questions were very interesting.

Those answers open the way to other questions at all.

I can start to plan my new amp, first of all I will make a 3D CAD design of the metal frame with Hashimoto OPT and PT/Choke on top in order to find the best placement.



The PT-240 will be the ideal choice, it will be fantastic with 230V/50-60Hz primary winding.

Just for information, I agree with you about special order (Hashimoto needs a minimum quantity to produce it!) so how much it may costs with this special European primary winding ?


Choke Coil C-10-200W:

What means Series (10H/200m) / Parallel (2.5H/400mA) operation ?

Would I use series connection or parallel one to fit the Shishido schematic ?

How will I have to connect the numbered tap on the choke coil to make a series / parallel connection ?



I calculated the minimum inductance of the choke coil on the CLC in the Shishido design by my should be greater than about 1,6 Henry (With a C1=47uF and a C2=220uF).

So I think I have to overtake at least 2.5H/200mA values for the choke coil.


How much does may costs a set of:


2x H-20-3.5U (Yes it is superb !)

1x C-10-200W

1x PT-240 (Special order with a 230V/50-60Hz primary winding when available)


and delivery to Italy by mail ?


Are there Hashimoto's distributor here in Europe ?


Thank in advance


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Hi Davide,


The C-10-200W has two independent windings inside, and equips with four soldering poles.  Therefore, you can connect in serial or parallel (you will connect two poles with a jumper when make a serial connection).


For your application, I think a serial connection will be better because it will yield 10H/200mA (250mA Max).


As far as pricing goes, the suggest retail price in Japan after tax for the H-20-3.5U is $230 per unit, and that of the C-10-200W is $160.  Currently, I'm listing a pair of H-20-3.5U on eBay at $540.00 FOB Michigan USA.  The price difference of $80 is, of course, due to the freight to the U.S. plus other costs (currency transfer, import duty, custom handling, etc, etc) being involved.


The PT-240 is a little different story.  The Japanese price is $200.00, but after the voltage modification and shipping, it will be $330.00 FOB Michigan USA.


All being said, if anyone is interested in Hashimoto transformers, please write to me at  I will consider a spacial pricing for members of this forum.  Please mention in your mail that you have read about this special pricing offer.






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