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hello , i have own Au-111  but due to the age, my Electrolytic Capacitors break down , the lug   20UF+ 20uf +20 uf +20uf  350volts  , can anyone known which cap is the best for ths oud  au-111. i mean a good one .

there is no way to find a elna cerafine  of a blackgate (wel known ) any sugggestion please ??

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Well, since those values are pretty low, I can sugest to go for prolypropylene caps. 20uF can be found up to the very high-end type, e.g. Solen (relatively cheap), Hovland, MCap, Mundorf etc.

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thank i have read your mail . it is difficult to find a multi-section cap i do think that Solen , Hovland, MCap, Mundorf   have a 4 multi section cap  ,, i have been seaching the wed ,, only   J J  have  40+20+20+20 uf  500 volt

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