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Originally Posted by Kristen
Originally Posted by kswarren
<P>I have a Sansui VRDVD4001. DVD sound is fine, VCR sound and picture fine, but no DVD picture. Fix the DVD picture by putting your dvd in and pressing play, then press stop (sometimes you actually have to hit stop twice), then click the "progressive" button on the remote. The "P" on the dvd display should disappear and your dvd picture should re-appear. </P><P>
</P><br>this works!  Thanks so much for posting this i couldn't find anywhere else on the internet to fix my dvd player! <br>

Worked for me too - Thanks!
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I have a Sansui combination VCR/DVD, Model VRDVD4005. All of a sudden, it won't recognize DVD' will play & record VCR tapes, but no DVD's. It will say "Reading" on the screen and then comes a message saying no disk........ Disk is loaded but nothing running. Even put disk I recorded on this machine & also a movie. Still says no disk. We've played the DVD before and it ran like a nothing.........HELP!
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