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David Mozingo
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 hi, have for sale sansui ba-f1,,ca-f1 & TU-717 me at

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In response to the comments regarding the CA-2000 & CA-3000 volume pots, I can say for sure that the CA-3000 has an Alps pot. Does it get much better than an Alps, other than installing a ladder step? Probably not.
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I think the CA-3000 is a great preamp and it matches perfectly with the BA-5000. Its a bit classier looking than the CA-2000, but I think the volume control is better on the 2000 (and I presume its the same one on the AU-11K & 9900).
The CA-3K seems to have a common fault with one channel going out. It can be brought back temporarily by turning up the volume knob very sharply.  I believe its a 'feed-through' issue, and/ or perhaps a diode as well.
My CA-3K is virtually in new condition like my two BA-5K's, but I also have the annoying the channel dropout problem which spoils my enjoyment of listening to it, but hope to get that fixed sometime soon. In the meantime, I can use the 2K, or the great C-2301.
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  for sale, BA-F1 amp & Sansui TU-717 tuner,,,both $ issue's with units, last listed in 2008,,CA-F1 preamp sold..thanks david

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Originally Posted by morals
Originally Posted by Tom Frantzen
Hi Fred,

don't forget the slim but incredible fast CA-F1 which sounds very, very good. I own two of them (and three power amps BA-F1 for homecinema).

My opinion about the volume poti of CA-2000/3000 is another. I prefer the non-stopping turn of my CA-3000.

But you are right, a real Sansui fan has to buy at least three preamps: C-2301 (2302), CA-3000 and CA-F1 :-).

The C-2101/2102 indeed are good, but nothing one must have.

Forget about Sansui C-77, C-1000 and AX-7 (last is good as input selector, for microphone recordings, as mixer or much more, but not an audiophile pre).

Best regards

Tom Frantzen, STEREO magazine
Michael Stampor
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Hello, I'm looking for a C-2101 if anyone wants to part with one, shoot me an email, I reside in Kentucky:
John O'Dell
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Can anyone tell me when these were manufactured? Also curious as to what they might be worth?
I have two of these: C-1000 control preamplifiers, B-3000 power amps, T-1000 tuners, SE-1000 graphic EQs, CD-V1000 CD players, P-2000 turntables, and . (I even have all the manuals and a warrantee registration card for them!) Plus 2 pairs of the S-1000U tower speakers. Plus one of the original rack-system stands w/ glass door and hinged top.
I also have ONE of the D-3000WR Cassette Decks. (the second system's broke and was tossed...)
To me, they sound great! I realize they aren't on a par with some of the other equipment on here, but they are what I have, and I Love them.

John Cloward
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Originally Posted by John O'Dell
Can anyone tell me when these were manufactured? Also curious as to what they might be worth?

Two great sites for Sansui lovers:  a listing of year(s) of manufacture for all Sansui gear:

and a colection of images of Sansui catalogs & brochures, by year:
(unfortunately these are in German, but you can still match the images with model numbers - and most of the specs are obvious - even if you can't read the copy.)

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Originally Posted by BeatleFred

The hi-end C-2301 is an excellent preamp, but this model isnt seen very often for sale online. And if it was, it would not be inexpensive, as is the case with its matching amplifier, the 300 Watt B-2301 (and I know, because I own both of them). One thing to be aware of is the C-2301 doesnt have a Headphone jack, so if you like to listen to music with headphones alot, keep it in mind.


I think the best buy would probably be the CA-2000. The volume control on it is rock-solid, better than the CA-3000. Otherwise, the CA-3000 is a beauty, but the CA-2000 is also great and would be less expensive and easier to find, such as on Ebay. Having TWO pairs of output jacks is very convenient, especially to biamp to 2 amplifiers.


The C-2101 & C-2102 seem to be good, but since they were made in the 80's, they dont quite have the classic look like the 70's CA-3000 & CA-2000.



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One problem of 70s high end pre/power could be happen to some people is their size very large.
Vara Prasad
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Dear All,

This is Vara from India I am a sansui lover and I have a rack with B3000 power amp but I require C-1000 preamp with remote does any one have this i shall buy this.

Kindly reply to the below mail ID.
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