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After many years of faithful service I transferred my AU-X417R from Germany to the US. I bought a up-transformer to make it work with the 110V here (the transformer works fine, I tried it out with other machines, it also has sufficient wattage).

The problem is: the amp does not wake up when I switch it on. The power light keeps blinking and I wait for the click of the relay in vain.

I can switch the amp into stand-by with the remote, but switching it back just produces endless blinking again.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Your problem can not be solved because is a german manufactured amplifier, and in Europe de frecuentie is 50Hz en in USA is 60Hz. I dont Know if with a new internal transformator can you solve. But por a few dollars can buy another one by Ebay
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The main voltage is 230V in Europe and 120V in US. Did you switch the voltage selector ?
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