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Dan Cantrell
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I recently acquired an AU-6600 integrated amp and followed the recommended cleaning process of all pots and switches with Deoxit D5, followed by Deoxit Gold.  I went from barely being able to hear the right channel and nothing in the left to being able to always play the left channel, but the right channel now drops to nearly inaudible until I turn balance all the way to the right channel, turn the volume to
high, then quickly turn back to a normal sound level if/when the volume
suddenly explodes in the right channel. Afterwards, the sound may continue
to play in both channels for a few minutes, or the right soon drops back to
nearly inaudible. Any ideas?
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I think the speaker relay needs to be replaced. It will be a small plastic box , about 1.5" x .5" x 1". If you have trouble finding it, listen to the click when you turn it on. The part number is marked on the plastic cover. If you post it here I can probably tell you where to buy a replacement. You will have to solder it in.
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