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Unfortunately I am retiring, downsizing, etc., and have decided that I will keep my final AU-111, but will sell my AU-11000's (2 still available), the AU-11000a, the AU-9900a, and the matching TU-9900.

I do NOT want to list these on eBay, audiogon, etc. I want these amplifiers to go to folks who know what they are and can appreciate them.

All of the amps have been completely serviced/ re-done by Warren Bendler.

Provenances and references:
You may contact Warren at wbendler (at)sbcglobal net for references as to the condition of these amplifiers. Refer to "marshall in Okeechobee, Florida").

In addition, there have been numerous members of the Klipsch Forum who have been guests in my home and have listened to these amplifiers, etc., and can attest to the quality of the amplifiers/ tuner, and the superb sound. Please email me for additional references and I will provide html links to Klipsch forum threads regarding these amplifiers and their use with Klipschorns, etc.

   I am the second owner on all of these items. I traded my original AU-919's (bought them in the military) for the 11000's a number of years ago, then bought the AU-9900a and the TU-9900 from friends of mine several years ago.

    They are in very, very nice condition, all original knobs (except one knob on the 9900a as described below), original switches, etc., and the tuner is virtually mint. They come with a service manual copy with the large fold-out schematics. The tuner has the original owners manual.

    Any cosmetic issues? The 11000a has some scratches on the top cover, but otherwise ok. The 9900a has a one non-standard knob (tape copy switch knob), but otherwise perfect. Note: The faceplates on these amps are in extremely nice condition, no scratches, etc.

    They were in daily use in my "man cave". Nothing has been "sitting around" gathering dust.

    Please note that I have well over $900-$1000 invested in each of these amplifiers, and over $780 invested in the tuner, and the asking prices are very fair and reasonable. Further, unlike other "vintage" stuff that usually need servicing, repairs, etc., for them to work as designed, there's nothing required on these. Plug and play. That's it. Nothing else required.

The 11000's, 11000a and 9900a will be sold for a reasonable $675 for each unit. NOTE: This includes packing (new double boxing) and the shipping anywhere in CONUS.

The TU_9900 which is the matching tuner in the series, and is very rare and highly sought after, will be sold for a very reasonable $625. NOTE: This includes packing (new double boxing) and the shipping anywhere in CONUS.
    I can ship overseas, but as all know, it's expensive.... I just sold one of my "precious" AU-111's to a gentleman in Germany and it was approximately $480.....

    Note to folks in Florida, I can "deliver" within a 120 mile radius of zip code FL 34972 (Okeechobee, Florida)

    Payment for the purchase of any of the amps/ tuner will only be by Paypal, and they will be shipped upon verified receipt and release of the funds.

    If anyone is interested, please email me (double click my nickname) or respond to this post. I will send photographs and a phone number, etc.
I check email during the day, but not at night (I'm old and tired and spend the evenings concentrating on family....) so please forgive me if I do not immediately respond.
    Thanks for any interest.

Warren Bendler
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Hi, folks, it's me. I just wanted to confirm that, indeed, I did do a complete service on the amplifiers above. I replaced all electrolytic caps in the regulated supplies, protection circuit and power amp. All the pre - driver transistors in the power amp were replaced to improve reliability. New sealed bias and offset pots were installed in the driver boards. The speaker relays were replaced. All controls were cleaned. The main filter caps tested good so I did not replace them, but on one one unit I did replace the main filter caps. Mr. Muros has the receipts and should be able to tell you which unit that was. These amps should be ready for reliable service for a long time.
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I appreciate all of those who looked at the post. All of the equipment has been sold to good homes with the exception of one AU-11000. That is still for sale, and it is now, unfortunately, listed on eBay. If anyone is interested, please look at item number 130412090215. I can offer a minor discount at this point.

Marshall Muros
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Thanks to all who responded and for the interest. All of the equipment has been sold and is in new homes. I also decided to sell the AU-111, and it is also now with a new owner in Germany. The amps, tuner and my CD player, etc has been replaced with McIntosh equipment, which should last me forever (LOL!!).

It's been fun! But for prudent reasons I need to have stereo equipment that can be repaired (if ever necessary) by a factory cert tech, and for which parts are still made and available. Unfortunately, while the Sansui equipment is superb, they are approaching the end of their useful life for daily use. Really a shame, but such is life.

Best of luck to all in their endeavors to keep the vintage Sansui's alive.

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