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Curious to see if any of those wonderful SPL-800 Sansui Speakers are still out in the world?


I remember listening to them at the naval station PX in Atsugi Japan, and always loved the way those 12" woofers put that deep rich bass out.




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They seem to be rare when it comes to finding any for sale nowadays. Sansui's excellent reputation was based more on their amplifiers and tuners, not so much speakers, but the general consensus is that the SP-L series was amongst the best they produced (similar in the style to JBL).


Speaking for myself, if there was any one model of vintage speakers with 12" woofers from the 70's that I could have the chance to hear nowadays, it would be the Infinity Quantum Line Source 1 (bass response down to 18 hz!). 



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I have a pair I still use today. I bought them when by boat stopped in the Philippines from the Navy Exchange in the late 70s
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