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Hi Walter:
Wow, My guess would be that the first amp to be saved would probably be the most expensive one, thus the AU-X1. Well, its nice to know you are so fond of the 7700. I dont have one in my collection, but from what I know of it, I am sure its an excellent amp. I imagine similar to the follow-up model, AU-7900?
sick messiah
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Originally Posted by Walter Mertens
Hello Antak,

With AU-6600, you can't go wrong! I think (,but this is of course personal,) the AU-XX00 (5500, 6600 & 7700) is the nicest series Sansui ever produced! I have almost everything from '70 to '80, starting with AU-777 & AU-7500 over AU-717 up to AU-D9 & AU-X1. If my house were on fire, and I could save one of them, it would certainly be the AU-7700! It looks and performs similarly to the AU-X900 range, but the knobs look and feel (in my opinion) nicer.

Whats better to you . au 717 or the au D9 . Let me know please .
Walter Mertens
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Whats better to you . au 717 or the au D9 . Let me know please .

I think it's not so much a question of "better", but more of what one likes more!
The 717 has a more typical '70's sound with pronounced high, while the D9 has more of a modern "high end", with softer high. Further, the D9 has no loudness-control (and I miss it). I think at the time, this was supposed to be proof of quality: "not to need one".
Personally, I'm more a fan of the 717, but the D9 is also very nice.

As to Beatlefred, maybe I should have said: "If I should have to sell my Sansuis, the AU7700 would be the last one and only if I were starving of hunger."
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Originally Posted by JANE

I'm looking for an A-9 Sansui amplifier.  We have a vintage system that works great, except the amplifier has quit working. 
Is there a good substitute for it?  It is 240 watts.



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