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That is the question


Is it the balanced circuit ?

Is it the amazing power supply transformers ?


Or anything elses, if you have your idea, write it down here





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There are many factors incorporated to make a good sound from an amp.

The two points you mentioned.

Balanced circuit = Ground free circuit = reducing noise

Powerful Primary Transformer = Capable of giving enough current.


A part from this it's important to use high quality components, caps, resistors and Power Transistors. The latter were in many cases especially made for Sansui by Sanken such as NMA/NMC.


The design of circuit is of course another very important factor. Thank's to Mr Ohshima and Mr Ohtsuka.

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I think that both issues you have mentioned are main factors to determine the Sansui sound, but many other things are very critical, too (such as quality of parts being used, internal parts layout, the grounding positions, etc, etc).  Mr. Ohshima and Mr. Ohtsuka told me that it’s relatively easy to design an amp that has excellent measurable characteristics (frequency response, S/N ratio, etc), but it’s extremely difficult to make an amp that sounds better than previous models when actually let music play on it.  In that sense, it’s art rather than science, and nobody who knows the secret will tell you how to accomplish it.  

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By the way


Do you know how many solid state amplifiers from SANSUI use bipolar / fet transistor


Mine use MOS FET transistors, what about the AU-X1 ?





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No AU-X1 use bipolar 2SC2493N/2SA1068N for the outputs.

From 1988 and during 90's there were several models used FET's as I can see.


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