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Need some help before I call the seller and tell him the 8001 has a problem.The unit works good and sounds great in the QS synthesizer Hall setting but then the problem starts.
1.on surround-#2 meter =0 no sound right front
2.on QS & SQ- #2 meter =0 no sound r/f
3.on CD-4 - #1 meter= 0 no sound left front
I wish that people that sell items like this knew how to really test them

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It can be as easy as oxide in the selector.  Try to spray with De-Oxide and twist the selector a number of times forwards and backwards.

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WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and two cold joints latter and we cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the long board behind the tuner under the push button's. Noe I guess I try to tackel my 7500 that lost one of its rears years ago. Now how do I fix the light in the slide tuner so I can see what station its on? Got one in a pocket some where?
Thanks bunches for the advice. This 59 year old is in QUAD(hog)heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!
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