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Tim Hammett
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I have a 771 and have recent look inside an 881 and was very surprised to find
they are very different inside and on the rear. Is it that much different?
Also I have heard the 771 is not a very desirable receiver, is the 881? And are the 'DC' receivers such as the G5000 or an 8900ZDB really that much better?
Thanks for help with the neophyte question.
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I never gave much thought to the 881 and 771 being much different. especially as they are next to each other in the Sansui product line, unlike say a comparison between the top-of-the-line 881 with the smaller models, such as 331, 221.  I am sure there are some differences such as larger power supply capacitors in the 881, but the brochures for both models dont seem to indicate a substantial difference between them.

As for comparing 881/771 to the G and Z models, well..., some people have a preference for the late 60's/ earlier 70's models, and other like the later 70's/early 80's models. I like the G series models the best- a more modern design, yet still made during Sansui's peak. The G models are the only ones whose volume control knob (and tuning knob) are as big as they are on Sansui's AU integrated amps. My 2nd choice after that is the 9090DB-7070 models. The Z models of the early 80's showed more obvious signs of cost-cutting, but I think they are still very good overall and could be very good buys if they can be gotten inexpensively.

Keep in mind, these models are 30-35 years old, so some may perform better than others depending on how well they were maintained by previous owners
Tim Hammett
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BeatleFred, Thank you.
Does anyone else have any comments?

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