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Any information about the Sansui AU-X501 integrated amplifier will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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I have the same amp and can send you the specification sheet if you like.

Let me know

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The AU-X501 model goes back to the late 80's. You might notice the newer design of the Sansui logo on the amp, which happened in 1987. The amp has a rating of 80 Watts and its in the middle of the product line, with the AU-X901 at the top (130 Watts), followed by the AU-X701 (100W), and then after your model, the AU-X301 at 65 W.


As I mentioned in another post to Tony regarding his AU-X901, I have the Sansui brochure on these models which explains the whole design philosophy.





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Can anybody send me the technical documentationfor the AU-X501 amplifier; I want to try to repair it because the security relay dont want to go on,

thanks for your help.
JD from France

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