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I have a A-1100P integrated servo amp that is in need of repair I think. All of my other components power up and work but I get now sound. Everything was fine with my system then I turned it on the other day and the speakers popped very loud and it lost sound. I have tried a few times with a moment or two of sound but it will pop and lose the sound again with everything else still functioning. Does anyone know a repair shop in the California Central Valley or any advice? I am thinking of getting another amp but not sure what will be compatible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like you had a short inside the unit just like I had with mine but I only lost the output to the left side.  I had to replace a resistor and it fixed it.

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I am fairly sure it can be fixed. The thing is, if you bring it to a typical shop, they will probably charge you more money to repair it than what the amp itself is worth. You might just be better off to buy a working one on Ebay.
If you like Sansui amps and are interested to buy another one, I would recommend stepping up to a model such as the AU-717 which is much better built than the plastic A models that came out afterdward in the 1980's.
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I just got my amp out from the garage after the missus demanded a clean up. Same issue as above with popping.

Opened her up and found a bit of corrosion around the two big black capacitors near the main amp area. Scratched it off with a screw driver and a blow clean. Also found a drop of loose solder floating around the 4 chunky diodes and cleaned that out as well.

Goes like a little beauty now!
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