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jarbas mesquita
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 I purchase a Sansui's R-50 stereo receiver and i want to know more about this model. Year of manufacturation, noise ratio, dynamic response etc.

 It's a good entry level model? I payd about 200 dollars for it last week on a vintage electronic store, here in Brasil. It's in a very good shape, no riscs, no damages, totally revised.


 Jarbas Mesquita,Rio de Janeiro-Brasil

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Hi Jarbas:


How are things in Rio? (I have a female friend who lives in Rio, she would like for me to come down there and visit her sometime).


The R-50 was first manufactured in 1979, and was made until '80/'81. Its rated 45 Watts rms, with 0.09% thd.  Sansui also made the R-70 (65 Watts), and R-30 (25 Watts).  Similarly, the correspoding integrated amps would be the A-80, A-60, and A-40.


They are basically decent amplifiers, though they were marketed to the buyer as an inexpensively priced package consisting of an entire system, in other words, they were meant to be used along with matching components comprised of a turntable, cassette deck, a rack to put them in, and in some cases, a particular rack was offered with a specific set of recommended Sansui speakers (as shown in various Sansui brochures and catalogs).


For anyone interested in spending a bit more money for better audio performance, Sansui was making the last generation of G series receivers at the time, the G-9700....G-4700 models, which then changed in '80/'81 to the Z models, 9900Z...3900Z.


$200 seems a bit expensive in my opinion for an R model, but I realize that the selection of available Sansui models in Brazil is probably somewhat limited, thus you might have to pay a higher than average price. Hopefully, the amp will be to your liking and you are happy with your purchase. I wish you good luck with it.






ps: if you are curious to get an idea of what an A-80 looks like you can see one thats currently on Ebay, though this particular one is only in mediocre condition:

Jarbas Mesquita
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 I am very happy with your answer . I didn't know this receiver was a part of an entire system, very interesting. I owned a kind of this system on the begining of the 80's, the system 95. It was a cheap entry level of our major electronics manufacture, Gradiente, which have the license to mount JVC systems here on Brazil. Basically the receiver,the deck and a Garrard turntable. It coasted to me less than 150 dollars, and i kept it for several years

 I was looking for a good receiver because i am a little tired of the integrated systems of today and i said to myself "why not a vintage receiver?" . The next mission will be find some new speakers to my R-50. Mine are currently weak to this system, but i could feel the difference of the sound even with the small speaker i own this moment.

 Visit Rio, listen to your friend. You will find a lot of fun and culture here. And if you write to me on this ocasion, i will be glad to show you my city.

 Thank you again, your mail was very utile for me.

 Best regards,

 Jarbas Mesquita

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Another one on Ebay:

jarbas mesquita
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 Nice amplifier, this last one  in very good shape. At the store i bought mine, there were two ore three other Sansui's models, but the price was a little higher than the R-50. They look like brand new devices. When you're in Rio, ask me for the adress of this store. In the street where it is located you can find a lot of stores that only sell vintage stereos.



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Hello again, Jarbas.


I appreciate your invitation to visit Brazil, maybe I'll do that sometime in the near future. I just came back from a vacation in Europe (Austria and Czech republic), and had a very nice time over there.


Although the Sansui R model receivers were marketed by the company for use in a combo rack all-Sansui system, there is certainly no law that says it must be used that way. You can obviously use the R-50 with any other components you want to. I hope you find a good pair of speakers that youre looking for. I am partial to vintage Infinity speakers, as on this site:


And here is an auction for a set of Sansui models that would be part of what is called a combo-rack system of matched components, (Sansui made many of them in the 1980's):




Fred (New York)



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I have been using a Sansui R50 with Spendor BC1s for 30 years.

This is a fantastic tuner amp. Has been in daily use feeding my equaly fantastic Spendor BC1s. Nothing has gone wrong with it, ever.

The amp is 50 watts per channel at 0.08% thd at 50Watts.

THD at normal levels is negligable and irrelevant.

I set the tone controlls flat in 1980 and they have stayed there ever since.

The sound is as good as it gets thanks to the BC1s being easy to drive.

The R50 has all the connectivity you will ever need and quite a good tuner too.

I paid £80 for the R50 and £ 260 for the pair of BC1s in 1980.

Why dont they make amps like this any more?

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