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I have a TVM1903/1913 19". What I need is the code for the TV so I can program the remote control from my cable company. Thanks in advance!
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I did a search using Google and found this: TV Sansui 0463 

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Thanks for the reply Keeper, However I did find that one and it wont work. What I need is a 3 digit code. Ive tried google and almost every place else I can think of. Extremely frustrating!!
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Have you been here


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Thanks again, but I do have the owners manual and the code/codes are not in it. Ill keep trying, sooner or later Ill find it even if I have to try all 1000 codes.
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Tried my cable company one more time. Got a CS Rep who knew his stuff. Told me how to have the remote control search for the code then once I had that he told me how to retrieve it from the remote.
Works fine and I now have the code.
I wish to thank you again for your time and help.
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yeah i need the cod for tvm1903 sansui 
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